Web Maintenance

So how does website support and troubleshooting work? It involves examining the applications on your site by analyzing the code, reporting what’s been discovered and deploying solutions to fix the issue(s). It’s a three-step approach designed to make sure your site is working at optimal performance. To analyze the code, tools are used to call out critical and non-critical application code changes / errors. These changes are then classified by order of importance from low (score of 1) to urgent (score of 5). From there, a plan is created that’s based on this report. A site might suffer from a multitude of symptoms, like long page load times, web security breaches and so on. The job of a website support firm involves putting the plan into action and making necessary changes to ensure web performance optimization is at its peak. If you’re wondering whether your site should run better than it does, contact us at Valuetec to talk to one of our website maintenance specialists.

Web Performance Optimization

Page load time optimization is one of the most requested areas of web performance optimization because having a page load quickly is important. But it can go beyond just how fast your site comes up. It can also include issues like broken links, missing or non-optimized images or anything that prevents your website from operating properly.

Website Troubleshooting

Web troubleshooting services involve looking for concerns on your site and fixing them. It might involve a bit of trial and error at times, but the end result is always a site that runs smoother and faster. Many troubleshooting issues seem to deal with the site not working properly across different platforms (like desktops to mobile devices) but it can sometimes be conflicting or missing lines of code, etc. that needs to be adjusted.

Web Security/Audit

Web application security is a priority for any business. You also need to make sure your applications aren’t under threat. That’s where services like a web security audit can help. You’ll find out if your website has been under attack or if your web server security has been compromised in any way. For peace of mind and your visitor’s safety, valuetecs web security/audit services are here for you.