Software Quality Assurance

Website testing is imperative to keep your professional image . An app with bugs and glitches can do more harm than good to your reputation. So it’s important that you have a performance testing team to ensure your applications are working. The same is true of web design. What looks beautiful on a desktop computer might not translate to a smartphone. Without mobile friendly website testing, you wouldn’t know. Since the environment of hardware and software is always changing so rapidly, it’s important to have a web testing company, like Accunity, that stays current with the latest innovations. Proper testing examines each part of the experience – from what your visitors see (the user interface) to the written code that makes your software work (web application programming). Even web server testing helps make sure your hardware functions correctly. In short, an experienced quality assurance team looks at everything, so you appear perfect. To learn more about what is involved, look at some of the test procedures below or contact us today at Valuetec.

Functional & Regression Testing

Functional testing and regression testing go hand-in-hand. You really can’t have one solution without the other because it’s two-fold. The reason is functional testing identifies bugs that interfere in the performance of your website/application. Once you know the issue, regression testing resolves those errors until they’re all eliminated. After that, your website or app will behave the way it should.

Integration Testing

You need to make sure payment systems, inventory databases and other multiple modules are all ‘playing nice’ with each other. If not, your complex website could mean complex problems. With integration testing, we troubleshoot the important system functions while we maintain the integration of code modules. Or, in another way, we make sure your site is doing exactly what it’s supposed to, which means creating wealth; not headaches.

Usability Testing

Your visitors might be on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Regardless of what method a person might use, their experience is all that matters. Usability testing checks everything, like the way the pages look or how they function across all platforms. Agencies that do this kind of testing make sure the site retains both functionality and aesthetics for the best browsing experience possible.

Cross Platform Testing

Is the app that you created compatible with current hardware, software and platforms? It should be and with cross platform testing you can find out for sure. With more device platforms immerging than ever before, performance and security are a big concern too – your app needs to keep up. The right cross platform testing team helps you get there.

Stress/Load Testing

Is your beautiful site taking too long to load? Would you even know how to solve the issue of long load times? Maybe your site is so popular your server ‘times out’ and sends visitors away? Don’t worry. Although developers build web applications with a workload performance in mind, sometimes situations change. Thankfully, stress testing is a way to get to the truth of why a site isn’t running at peak performance.

Mobile App Testing

Maybe you’re wondering if your mobile apps or website features are working as intended. It’s a legitimate concern because competitors are challenging you for your share of the market. And let’s be honest, customers like sites / apps that work without the bugs. Mobile apps testing makes sure your applications are performing up to standard, so your business is taken seriously and stays competitive.