Digital Marketing

While technology can make some businesses nervous, other companies seem to thrive on it. Either way, digital marketing is vital today if you plan to compete or be successful. When it comes to Internet marketing there are three kinds of individuals who search for online advertising agencies: People who have a limited experience, or none, with Internet marketing, People who know some industry terms and perhaps dabbled with services like pay per click, search engine optimization and social media, People who understand the components of digital marketing, but they lack the time and/or specific know-how to run a successful campaign. Everyone – from the novice to the expert – can benefit with the digital marketing consultant services of Accunity. Why? When done correctly, marketing online creates positive brand recognition that propels your company forward and earns revenue. It’s true that you need to spend money to make money. But you also need to know where to spend it… and that’s where Valuetec helps you. Email or call us today to discuss any of the digital marketing services we offer.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When it comes to paid marketing on-line, PPC is a solid choice, but it can get expensive if you don’t choose the proper pay per click agency. PPC management services require creativity, but also a degree of analysis and experience within the market. If you’re interested in starting a click campaign, or you simply want to find out more information on PPC, contact valuetc today.

Search Engine Optimization

Some folks call it ‘Google juice’. SEO experts use words (and other ‘white hat’ website tactics) to get search engines interested in your site. But a search engine optimization company must do more than put keywords on your web pages. Having visitors is great, but you need to project buyer confidence. The search engine optimization services of Valuetec can do just that – get search engines interested in your site AND make customers like you.
A beautiful website is pointless if it can’t be found. If you’re like most people you don’t want affordable search engine optimization alone. You want it to be effective – whether you want local SEO or world-wide exposure. Any search engine optimization company should do more than provide keywords (uncovering the terms and phrases web searchers would use to find you on search engines). The job of a SEO consultant is to consider all the aspects – on-page and off-page factors. Plus, you need the company you hire to use only White Hat SEO techniques. Any methods used must be in accordance with the search engine policies and guidelines or you’ll do more harm than good to your site. Search engine optimization companies, like Valuetec, uncover relevant keywords for your targeted industry through extensive research of your competitors and your target audiences. That will give you a competitive edge and benefit you in the long term. Pages you create today can be relevant to your visitors for years to come and make you look like a trusted authority. From a cost standpoint, you can get far more mileage from a well composed web page when compared to using just paid marketing. So, whether it’s worldwide or local search engine optimization you’re seeking, make sure to contact Valuetec for your next project.

On Page Optimization

On-page optimization services include any factors that influence your website’s listing in organic (aka natural) search results so it’s search engine friendly. An on page optimization company makes sure the written content is optimized with keywords that are relevant and contain the proper density (amount of keywords). It also involves looking at problematic areas / elements and making sure changes are up to standards, which can include fixing bad / broken links, creating easier navigation, etc. The right on-page optimization does more than just attract search engines though – it attracts and retains visitors so they become customers.

Off Page Optimization

Any off page optimization company examines search engine optimization factors that aren’t on your website. Off page optimization services often include social media and/or methods of link building. This could mean guest blogging, forum postings, submitting your URL to search engines and directories, link exchanges, articles and press releases. Photo sharing on sites like Flickr or videos on YouTube are also off page optimization techniques that are sometimes explored. Each business is unique though, so after examining your particular market trends / competition, we can formulate a plan that’s perfect for your business model.

Website Audit

Web audit services can include a website SEO analysis (making sure you’re using the best SEO practices possible). However, it can include other factors like finding and resolving internal website issues that result in negative SEO results. This can include bad links, Meta use, etc. A Competitor/ Industry Analysis can also help. It’s essentially a report compiled to learn about your business while also uncovering your competitors and target audience. By examining what your competition is doing you can have a marketing edge.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re the life of the party or a wall flower, social media marketing can be… awkward… and let’s face it… really hard work. Then again, maybe you love social media, and you do it well, but day-to-day business demands prevent you from regular interactions with customers. That’s when a social media marketing company, like Valuetec, can help you. Our social media services cover everything from blogs to Facebook so you don’t have to worry about it.
Social media for business owners can mean more revenue and greater brand awareness. How to get there can feel daunting to some yet exhilarating to others. In either case, it takes a social media marketing company to keep you on track or you’ll miss out. Most people have heard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a slew of other sites in the social sharing world. One of the biggest hurdles you face is deciding which social media marketing campaigns are worth waging. A SMM agency can help create that marketing synergy for you. With the right consultant, you’ll have an online marketing campaign that brings your company’s personality forward in a positive way. Social media can be used successfully to launch a new product or to remind customers that you’re still around. What’s really wonderful about social media marketing is that anyone can benefit from it. To find out how your company can profit like other businesses do, talk to one of our SMM experts today about social media services.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is social sharing that includes other marketing means. For example, it might be Facebook integrations, which you include in your email campaigns. It could mean Twitter social integration at a live event where people can tweet about what’s happening. Social media integration looks at all the forms of marketing you use (or could use) and how it could include social media as well.

Creative Campaign Ideas

Some business owners have tons of fun ideas for social media, but no time to execute them. Others are great at their business, but when it comes to marketing, particularly to social sharing sites, they draw a blank. That’s where creative campaign ideas can help. Whether you need help planning your Facebook campaigns or a new Twitter hash tag campaign, you’ll find help here.

Product Launch

Do you have something wonderful and innovative but you don’t know how to spread the word? Some of the best virtual campaigns in recent years have been a Facebook product launch or Twitter product launch. If you’ve got something that will get tongues wagging (or fingers hitting ‘share’ buttons) then doing a product launch via social media could be what turns modest sales into mega sales.


Sometimes Facebook marketing isn’t just about having a great post that goes viral. You’ll find that Facebook paid marketing can help you spread the word. It’s a great solution for every kind of business – drop-ship companies, brick and mortar locations or local service providers. A number of retailers and service providers have turned to Facebook for good reason. Many of your future clientele are out there ‘Facebooking’ and, if you’re not, then you’re missing them.


Like Facebook, Twitter paid marketing can help promote your business. The goal of Twitter marketing is to quickly build a community of followers and getting those people interested in your business. The more they are interested; the more likely they are to share you with others. The end result is more exposure that equals more revenue. Best of all, Twitter marketing at Accunity doesn’t involve hours of planning on your part. We handle it all for you.